GoudenKorrel Participates in Fruit Logistica 2024 in Berlin, Germany

With a focus on Polyhalite-based products in the agricultural industry, GoudenKorrel’s representatives  participated in the renowned trade show, Fruit Logistica, held in Berlin from February 8-10th, 2024.

Polyhalite-based products play a pivotal role in crop productivity and health, serving as essential components in plant nutrition. However, amidst the ever-growing demand for food, the monitoring of pesticide residues remains crucial. These residues can persist in the soil and on agricultural products, posing potential hazards to consumers’ health if not controlled effectively.

This year, GoudenKorrel was proud to participate in Fruit Logistica, a premier trade show for the global horticulture industry, attracting exhibitors and visitors from across the globe. Our team engaged with industry professionals and stakeholders, exchanging insights and exploring collaborative opportunities to advance sustainable agricultural practices and enhance food safety.

**Key Outcomes from Fruit Logistica 2023:**
Misael Machado:  “Fruit Logistica provided an excellent platform to connect with global industry players and develop strategic partnerships with leading farm owners and distributors. Collaborative efforts are essential for driving innovation and sustainability in the agro-export sector.
This year’s emphasis on sustainability, particularly in fertilizers, resonates with our commitment to providing practical and innovative solutions across the entire production chain with our polyhalite-based fertilizers. Our comprehensive products align with the industry’s evolving needs, contributing to safer, healthier, and more sustainable food systems. Our company offers exporters, importers, and distributors the assurance of reliable testing and analysis, facilitating compliance with regulatory standards and market demands.
In conclusion, GoudenKorrel remains dedicated to advancing agricultural sustainability and ensuring the safety and quality of food products through our innovative Polyhalite-based solutions with products like BELENUS, VERVACTOR and POLISULMAG”