G2D Nodens Technology™

Grind to Dust Nodens Technology™ is a unique, multi-stage technology that atomise materials down to tens of microns. The first stage of treatment involves breaking down the crystal structure of the polyhalite and releasing the sulphates 'trapped’ in the rock. Only the raw material processed in this way undergoes further processing, i.e., the separation of active particles, their mixing and aggregation. Each fully reactive granule obtained is equipped with a smart decomposition activation system, so that the product has the highest performance – complete solubility and gradual release of nutrients. Our technology allows us to produce a product that is perfect in its form, which works almost double! We will not tell you that we are the only ones who recognise the power contained in polyhalite, but we are the only ones who start where others end.

We are the only multi-nutrient fertiliser manufacturer in the world to have developed and patented a method for producing activated polyhalite!