The manufacturer of compound fertilizers, Goudenkorrel, recommends the 10 pro-arguments of its products for the New Year. The polyhalite-based fertilizers we manufacture, such as Belenus and Vervactor, are the answer to the difficult times that Polish agriculture is facing.

Characteristics of polyhalite and its macronutrients:

(K, Ca, Mg, S, Na), perfectly harmonize with the difficulties faced by every agricultural producer. The G2D Nodens fertilizer production technology used by Goudenkorrel, allows you to use the advantages of its fertilizers in a unique way in modern agriculture and with harmony with nature.

Our fertilizers are:

  1. Soluble – 50% of the ingredients are released within 14 days, the remaining, up to 90 days.
  2. Slow-acting-gradual release of elements, makes plants have constant access and better use of its nutrients.
  3. Comprehensive- a rich share of five important macroelements (K, Ca, Mg, S, Na) that are necessary for the proper growth of plants.
  4. Economic – poor leaching into the soil complex allows plants to better use the supplied fertilizers, and thus reduce the loss of nutrients.
  5. Ecological – the low content of chlorides with the addition of calcium is responsible for low salinity and acidification of the soil, and the sulphate bonds in the Belenus fertilizer, allows it to be used in organic farming.
  6. Compatible – the possibility of mixing with most fertilizers used on the Polish market, thanks to which we will avoid difficulties with sowing during field work.
  1. Supportive – the uptake of nitrated and soil nitrogen, photosynthesis, thermal performance of plants, protein production, enzyme activation.
  2. Safe – for the environment, supporting the detoxification of heavy metals and xenobiotics.
  3. All-season – to be used at every stage of plant production, pre-sowing and top-dressing.
  4. Recommended – for all crops, including cereals, rapeseed, corn, sugar beets, vegetables and orchards.


The manufacturer of compound fertilizers, Goudenkorrel, encourages farmers to familiarize themselves with our fertilizer offer, and to use them on their farms in the coming New Year.